Questions from a 4-year old: "If there was a fire, would Superman come to save us? Is Peter Parker real? Is Lois Lane real?" She might be watching too many superhero movies.

Carolyn talking about an obnoxious character on My Little Pony: "If she came to my house, I'd call her a meaniac and put get in time out forever."

William is officially walking. And he's got an ear infection that's been causing him to sleep extremely poorly, so Kristen and I have been like the walking dead for the past couple of days.

I told Carolyn that I have to go to Philadelphia in a few weeks to teach a class. She responded with a certain amount of incredulity, "You're a teacher?!" I said, "Well sometimes." She then said, "You're a train driver too." Well, engineer. Close enough. At any rate I'd love to know what she thinks I do on a daily basis.

Howl's Moving Box Castle is under construction. I'm gonna need a lot more duct tape.

At the ER with Carolyn. She took a tumble this morning and needs some stitches. So far she is being very brave.

The other night Carolyn asked me to tell her a story before bed. She was wearing a Spider-Man shirt, so I told her the broad plot of Spider-Man 2. We then watched Spider-Man 2 the next day. The next night she was wearing a Superman shirt, so I told her the story of Superman: The Movie. We then watched Superman II the next day. She's also been waking up with nightmares more frequently. Purely coincidental from my point of view.