Video: Carolyn's class sings Christmas songs

Merry Christmas!

Video: William at four months

Big sister holds little brother, Daddy holds them both

Bear suit comparison

William - 4 months old
Carolyn - 7 months old
In case I hadn't already made this clear, William is big. In the pictures above, William and Carolyn are wearing the same bear suit. Only difference is that William is 4 months old in the picture and Carolyn is 7 months old, and the fit is just about the same.

The growing boy

William went to the doctor this past Monday for his four-month checkup. He's apparently still a pretty big baby: 16 lbs 9 oz (75th percentile) and 27 3/4 inches tall (off the chart). At the same age, Carolyn was 13 lbs 1 oz and 24 inches tall.

One area where Carolyn did have William beat: head circumference. She was in the 80th percentile at 16 3/4 inches, while he is in the 50th percentile at 16 1/2 inches.

Also, as you can see in the picture above, we've started letting him play around in the jumper as well as the exersaucer, and we've started to feed him rice cereal. More photos and videos coming soon.

A visual comparison

Clockwise from the top left: William, Chris, Carolyn, Kristen

Looking at the pictures above, you're probably not going to confuse Mom and Dad's baby pictures for one another, but clearly the other two are our babies.

The funny things Carolyn says

Almost daily, Carolyn says something unexpected and completely off-the-wall hilarious. Just a few of my favorites...

While setting up a game of Go Fish:
I'm not gonna put the jokers in, 'cause they will joke all the cards.

The first thing she said to me one morning after an obviously tense dream:
Daddy, what if somebody tried to take off part of your foot?

Carolyn has been sucking on her bottom lip, which has caused it to be a bit chapped. I warned her that when I was a kid, I got severely chapped lips that cracked open and really hurt. Her question to me:
Daddy, when your chin was open, did the rest of you fall apart?

This one comes from school, where they asked each kid how they cook a turkey and recorded the responses word for word:
I don't know about a turkey, but my mom bakes chickens in the oven. She cooks them for 8, 5, or 11 minutes. Then she unfries it when it has cooled off and then it is spicy.

And finally, some misunderstood lyrics from the song "MoneyGrabber" by Fitz and the Tantrums:
Pull back, penny pink
What I really want some more
This is your baby
Money grab on

The actual lyrics:
Don't come back any time
I've already had your kind
This is your payback
Money grabber

Did you see that?!

Carolyn's school picture

She's just too adorable for words.

Video: Carolyn plays in a giant leaf pile

Video: William laughs

Sitting on Santa's lap

Today we went to the mall to let the kids sit on Santa's lap. Carolyn had opted out the past two years, but was pretty excited this time around. William was perfectly calm, and only tried to eat Santa's coat once or twice. Carolyn asked for "the game and the big rectangle thing from the back of the catalog."