Three weeks later...

William is now 3 weeks old, and, granted, I haven't really posted much here. To be honest, it's been a fairly uneventful few weeks, which is a good thing. Newborns sleep a lot. The second child really is proving to be much easier than the first, probably a combination of us knowing what to expect, and William not having the sleeping or eating issues that Carolyn had at an early age.

This kid eats and sleeps a lot. He weighs about 10 and a half pounds now, and at night he's generally sleeping in stretches of 2 to 3 hours, and falling asleep really easily after (well, while) he eats overnight. During the night, after I've burped him and am holding him for a few minutes before putting him back in his co-sleeper, I will typically read a few pages of a book and/or do various things on my phone (including of course, Angry Birds).

He's still sleeping most of the day, but while he's awake he's starting to do new things. We'll lay him down on his playmat, and he's started to swing his arms around and try to grab some of the toys that hang down. We've also given him a few baths in the infant bathtub since his umbilical cord fell out about a week and a half ago. Video forthcoming on that one.

William also very much enjoys going outside, just as his sister did. We know this because he falls asleep almost immediately after we step outside, again, just as his sister did. Also, today was the first time that Kristen took him for a walk in the stroller, along with Carolyn. They took a little walk around Swarthmore and visited the playground and library. And this all apparently went off without a hitch, so kudos to Kristen on superior parenting when outmanned.

Carolyn is still doing a great job helping out with him and generally being nice to her little brother. Grandma Moyer had made the prediction a few weeks back that Carolyn would be asking by now if we could take him back, but I asked her the other day if she wanted to, and she found the idea to be patently ridiculous.

So, in short, all is well with this family of four.

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