Taking Carolyn to the movies

This past weekend, I took Carolyn to the movie theater to see The Lion King in 3D. This is the third time she's been to the movies, having previously seen Muppets in Space and Cars 2.

She kept the 3D glasses on maybe 60-70% of the time, talked an awful lot, and bounced around among about 4 different seats. All in all, she wasn't too bad. And she managed to time her potty break at exactly her least favorite part of the movie (menacing hyenas moving in on kid Simba).

At one point she blurted out pretty loudly, "This is a BAD movie." She was referring to the events on screen being unfavorable to the protagonists rather than the movie itself being a piece of junk, but of course, the rest of the theater didn't know that.

Towards the end, she just wanted to sit on my lap and asked if she could take a nap. When she did this at Cars 2, she fell asleep right at the climax (and loudest part) of the movie, but this time she actually stayed awake through the whole thing.

Note to parents: Watch the movie in 2D if you can (and save yourself a few bucks); the 3D effects were pretty terrible. Beforehand, I had told Carolyn to be prepared (pun intended?) for animals to be coming out of the screen. Throughout the movie, she kept asking me when the animals were going to come out of the screen, and eventually was very disappointed when they never did.

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