We brought William home around midday yesterday. Carolyn was pretty excited, and then even more excited when she saw the awesome gifts that William had gotten for her.

William spent the day getting acclimated to his new surroundings. 

As did Carolyn. 

There's been a healthy dose of sibling suspicion from both sides, but they are pretty happy to have one another. At least until William is able to take Carolyn's toys.

As you might expect from a 9+ pound baby, he eats an awful lot, including overnight, so last night we were up at least hourly. We've also had a bit of trouble in getting him to sleep without being held, so we'll be working on that. It took forever with Carolyn, so fingers crossed we solve it faster with William.

William has taken quite a shine to pacifiers, and in his just-under 4 days of life, he's used a pacifier more than Carolyn in her 3+ years.

Well, it's almost 9pm, so I'm off to bed, to capture whatever sporadic bits of sleep I can.

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