Comparing William with Carolyn

Here is a picture of 4-day-old Carolyn side by side with 2-day-old William.

And here is a comparison of their size at roughly 2 weeks.

(By the way, William is the one on the right, in case you couldn't tell by his enormity.)

William's first week or so

To be quite honest, it's been fairly quiet in the Moyer household (knock on wood) since William has been born. The degree of lifestyle change is significantly lower with the second kid, so there's really not a whole lot of adjustment that Kristen and I have had to do.

Compared to Carolyn, William is a much better sleeper. He'll wake up every 2 to 3 hours overnight to eat, but he is really good about falling back asleep, and doesn't mind being put back down in his co-sleeper. Carolyn always required a significant amount of walking, shushing, etc. for the better part of 2 years. William does enjoy spending most of the day being held, but Kristen doesn't really mind holding him, so it all works out.

William now weighs about 9 lb 5 oz, so he's lost the usual few ounces that babies lose, then gained it all back already, which is a good thing. (For comparison, Carolyn weighed 6 pounds at 2 weeks old.) He's in the 80th percentile for weight, 88th for height, and 78th for head circumference.

Also, the umbilical cord fell out and he's got a belly button now. Carolyn was very excited about this.

So basically, all is well. Here's to hoping it continues to be so...

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Video: Meet William



We brought William home around midday yesterday. Carolyn was pretty excited, and then even more excited when she saw the awesome gifts that William had gotten for her.

William spent the day getting acclimated to his new surroundings. 

As did Carolyn. 

There's been a healthy dose of sibling suspicion from both sides, but they are pretty happy to have one another. At least until William is able to take Carolyn's toys.

As you might expect from a 9+ pound baby, he eats an awful lot, including overnight, so last night we were up at least hourly. We've also had a bit of trouble in getting him to sleep without being held, so we'll be working on that. It took forever with Carolyn, so fingers crossed we solve it faster with William.

William has taken quite a shine to pacifiers, and in his just-under 4 days of life, he's used a pacifier more than Carolyn in her 3+ years.

Well, it's almost 9pm, so I'm off to bed, to capture whatever sporadic bits of sleep I can.

Sleep, eat, sleep, poop, eat, sleep

Allow me to describe for you William's first day: eat, sleep, poop. Except for a short period between the hours of 10pm and 12am or so when he wanted to be awake. He actually slept pretty well overnight, given that he was eating every 2 hours.

More of the same today and tonight, I'm sure, then we'll get to go home tomorrow.

William meets his family

Pictures of William

William Christopher Moyer

Born August 11, 2011 5:51am
9 lbs 2 oz

Mom and baby both doing just fine.
Turns out that that "any minute now" was actually almost 3 1/2 hours.

Isn't he the best? (Answer: Yes.)

Last picture of pregnant Kristen

Baby coming any minute now!

Epidural is in, mom is happy

And eating ice chips.

Walking to get things moving

Kristen and I just walked around the labor floor for an hour, and the contractions are definitely escalating, coming every 2 minutes, and with enough pain to double her over. They're still not ready to admit us to the delivery floor, but will check in again in another hour. After more walking.

Still waiting to go to the delivery floor

We've been waiting for over an hour for them to tell us whether they are sending us home or whether they're going to have Kristen walk around for a while and wait for a bed to open up.

And what better way to pass the time than an hour of Angry Birds?

In labor, at the hospital

We're not yet in a delivery room, but contractions are roughly 2 to 4 minutes apart.

Making sure the bathtub is ready for William

39 weeks

... and we wait.