Video: Tricycle Tricycle, You Are My Tricycle

38 weeks

Kristen's contractions have been increasing as of late, and she's also getting more shortness of breath and nausea - all symptoms of upcoming labor - but not enough to get us to the hospital yet. But soon...

Video: Carolyn tells a knock knock joke

The punchline seems to be getting cut off (I will fix this later). Anyway, it's "to whom!"

Video: Carolyn: Year 3

36 weeks

Carolyn the car washer

I needed a little bit of help washing the car this weekend. 
Luckily there was a more-than-willing laborer close by.

35 weeks (with ultrasound pictures)

Here's what Kristen is looking like these days. (Also notice how big Carolyn's belly is getting.) According to the latest estimates, William is now bigger (at 35 weeks) than Carolyn was when she was born (at 37 weeks). He'll likely be at least 8 pounds when he's born at this rate.

As per usual, he had his foot right up by his face at the last ultrasound. The ultrasound tech also spotted some hair.

Video: Carolyn the Harmonicist

Video: William's 3D Ultrasound

Video: Carolyn & Ellie at The Little Gym

Here's a short video of Carolyn and her friend Ellie playing at The Little Gym (for the last time?)

Video: Carolyn's Third Birthday