Filling the pool on a hot nearly summer's day

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Happy Birthday, Carolyn!


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26 weeks

Not only is Kristen's belly getting bigger by the day, but so is Carolyn's, at least if you ask her.

My daughter, the artist

Lately, Carolyn's paintings have taken on a sophistication that we hadn't seen previously. Take this as an example:

Now, obviously that is a girl on the left, but did you also pick out the gopher on the right (standing on top of a patch of green grass), or the red mountains in the background?

And go ahead and take a guess as to who this might be:

Indeed, it is a picture of Mommy, which Carolyn drew for her on Mother's Day. The blue streaks are her legs, the pink blotch in the middle-ish is her pregnant belly, and the squiggles along the sides are her "hair down to her feet" according to Carolyn.