24 1/2 weeks

A few Easter pictures

Coloring Easter eggs

Just a perfect angel, isn't she?

Grocery bag of eggs in tow.

Family portrait outside Grandma and Papa Hyland's house.

Standing on a rock showing us how big she is.

Cool helicopter moves.

Daddy and Lynnie: touching each other's chins.

Watching Caillou with Grandpa

The first time I can recall Carolyn actually sitting with him.

A game of catch with Grandma

Slideshow: North Carolina, March 2011

Kristen is in the process of interviewing for a fellowship, so we all took a road trip down to North Carolina for a few days. Carolyn was surprisingly well-behaved in the car, and throughout the week really. We had a lot of fun and took some pictures too:

Like parent, like daughter

Carolyn draws a penguin

And in case you're wondering, the outline around the penguin is a walrus. According to Carolyn, the penguin was inside the walrus.

It's a boy!

We had the 20-week growth scan on Monday and found out that the new baby will in fact be a boy, despite the inclinations of myself, Kristen and Carolyn. Of course, we're thrilled (as we would have been with another girl for that matter).

The baby's name will be William Christopher, and we've all already sort of taken to calling him Liam (though Dosito is also still in regular use).

I suppose I've got to change the color scheme on this blog a little bit now.