We felt the baby kick yesterday

Kristen has been feeling the baby kick every now and then, but yesterday was the first time we felt a kick from the outside. Exciting! We're 17 weeks along now. The growth scan (when we find out whether it's a boy or a girl) is 3 weeks from today.

(Yes, I'm using "we're pregnant" as opposed to "she's pregnant." Adjust your opinion of me accordingly.)

Video: Makeup

Video: Carolyn sings her own song (with subtitles)

We're having another baby!

Carolyn is very excited to be a big sister, and Kristen and I are very excited to give her a little brother or sister. To answer a few of the common questions:

The due date is August 15.

We will be finding out whether it's a boy or girl as soon as we can. (We're planners.) We have a growth scan at the end of March where we're hoping we find out. In the meantime, the baby is known as Dosito (ya know, "little two"). Carolyn prefers to have a baby sister, but Kristen and I will be happy either way.

Stay tuned here, as we will obviously be providing updates all along the way.