More funny Carolyn quotes

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Talkin' 'bout food

  • "Mommy, try your beans. They are super yummy."
  • "Allspice? All-gone-spice?"
  • "Steak? Pasta? What are you hungry for?" Quoting her favorite movie, The Incredibles.
  • "Hey! Are you eating my cereal?" I was.
  • "There's a party in my tummy!" From Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • "Mommy, Daddy made this yummy dinner. You better try some."
  • "Throwing things is bad table matters!" She meant 'manners' of course. And it really is.

Things she's brought home from school

  • "Daddy's making bad choices."
  • "When someone's crying, you say 'Tough cookies.'"

And some assorted randomness

  • "No Daddy! Those aren't your friends! They are my friends!" She said this in her sleep. I guess we know what was happening in her dream.
  • "This is for my best friend, Daddy." Said as she handed me a flower. I guess she got over my stealing of her friends.
  • "Guess what, Mommy? You're the sleepyhead of ever."
  • "My favorite song is on!" As this song came on the car stereo.
  • "Peeyoo! What is that? Maybe it's a skunk." She's big into smelling things lately.
  • "What's all this junk?" It was probably stuff that she left out.
  • "Cheers!" This started with clinking glasses, but she'll clink anything, including puzzles.
  • "Daddy, don't be annoyning." and "It's in the kitchen, Chris Annoyning."
  • "Stop making a mess, because Gamma and Papa are coming, Mommy!"
  • "You hold the string, and I will hold the bead. That's teamwork."
  • "Ahoy mateys! Hello pirates!"
  • "I love to do the heinie butt dance eeeevery day." She said this in the Acme parking lot for some reason, and proceeded to stick her butt out to one side, which of course is the heinie butt dance.
  • "Flip, flip, Flipadelphia!" Someone in the house must be quoting It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia too much.
  • "What song is this?" We Will Rock You. "Why does he want to rock me?"