Kids say the darndest things

In case you haven't been following Carolyn's Twitter feed (and unless you're Grandma Moyer, you haven't been), here are a few choice quotes from the past few weeks that made me crack up. We get her to say all kinds of funny stuff, but all of these are original Carolyn creations.

"You look like a watermelon put away." ... said while putting plastic wrap over Mommy's face. You know, just like when you put plastic wrap over part of a sliced watermelon that you're saving.

"Stop! That hurts my ears!" ... said while I was playing her toy piano, obviously unimpressed with my ample musical talents.

"I can't believe this show!" ... said while watching Monty Python's Flying Circus. Two and a half and already exquisite comedic taste.

"This is called amazing thing spectacular." ... referring to rice pilaf. She likes it.

"Which seashell do you want, Sugar Butt?" ... Sugar Butt being me for some reason.

"I wanna do a piggyback ride. Say 'oink oink'." ... Carolyn enjoys highly authentic piggyback rides.

"Shake those hips!" ... dance instructions. Apparently I wasn't putting enough passion into it.

"Go, super guy, go!" ... referring to a toy train she was pushing around a track.

"I need to fill up the stroller because it's out of gas." ... already bumming gas money from her Dad.

"You were listening, so you get to have a sticker." ... pretty sure she picked this one up from school. I was glad to have the sticker either way.

"Nakie baby time!" ... followed by running up and down the hallway in a general attempt to avoid putting clothes back on.

"I can't find my candy!" ... said immediately after waking up from her nap on Halloween, referring to the candy she had collected from the previous evening's Halloween parade.

"Oooooh my gosh, I dropped it."

"It's like scissors. Cut, cut, cut!" ... said while crossing a pair of drumsticks in the air.

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