Happy Gabbaween!

What's this? Matching costumes? Indeed. It's Foofa and DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba.

Here is Carolyn holding hands with her friend Katharine at her school's Halloween parade.

And here are her teachers along with all of the girls in the class. Not quite sure where the boys were at this point.

Carolyn and her friend Ellie before heading out trick-or-treating.

The night started out politely, with Carolyn and Ellie waiting to be told they could take a piece of candy. By the time we got to the last few houses they were just reaching in without saying anything. But they're cute, so they got away with it.

Nobody was home at this house, despite leaving all of the signs of an occupied house.

Priority #1 after getting back to Ellie's house was to take inventory of all the candy. In total, there was much more candy than any two-year-old needs.

This was me last weekend doing all-you-can-carry pumpkins at Linvilla Orchards. New personal best with 7 total pumpkins: 3 large and 4 medium. I could have done more.

We had grand plans to carve 4 large pumpkins this year, but these are the only two we got around to doing prior to Halloween. On the bright side, now that it's past Halloween, Kristen has given me the go-ahead to carve my flux capacitor pumpkin in honor of Back to the Future's 25th anniversary. Score.

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