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Month in Review: August 2010

Let's see... Carolyn is now two and one quarter years old. Not really a whole lot of new stuff to report from the past month, but here's a quick recap.

  • She's stringing together sentences of up to 10 words at a time now.
  • She's into making funny faces and funny noises.
  • Potty training is nearly complete. She's now sleeping overnight in her underwear rather than pull-ups, and we haven't had any accidents in about 10 days (knock on virtual wood).
  • She tells jokes. Well, variations of two jokes:
    • "Guess what? Piggy butt!" (or chicken butt or many other various types of butts)
    • "Knockknockwho'sthere? Banana orangey!"
  • And lastly, a few more quotes from Carolyn:
    • "Wait for Mommy. Be patient."
    • "Can you hold this for a second minute?"
    • "That's enough!"
    • "Doorbell's not working. Have to get new batteries. Have to buy them at the store."