Mommy's little helper

I'm not the only one in this house that Carolyn helps out from time to time.

Daddy's little helper

Sometimes Carolyn can be incredibly perceptive, far beyond what I would expect. Just as one example: she started calling this device for rolling a car seat through an airport her lawnmower.

I hadn't even noticed the resemblance, but once she pointed it out, yep, sure enough: same shape, same handle, same color wheels. Now whenever I mow the lawn, I've got a little helper following closely behind.

Dresses, rings, earrings... wink!

Yup, that's our little princess.

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Funny face

Thanks for teaching her how to do this, Yo Gabba Gabba.

Robot baby!

Month in Review: July 2010

The past month in quotes from my little 26-month-old:
  • "You lay on the couch. Your hair's not working." See, Carolyn likes to hold onto Kristen's hair when she falls asleep, so Kristen lays next to her bed. When Kristen isn't home, it's my job to put Carolyn to bed, but my hair isn't long enough for her to hold onto, so she doesn't even see the point in my laying next to her.
  • "The sink is broken. Daddy, you gonna fix it?" In fact, I did fix that sink.
  • "Daddy, you hurt my finger. It was an accident." However, in the process of fixing the sink, Carolyn claimed that I somehow hurt her finger, but at least she recognized that it wasn't intentional.
  • "But why?" Answer. "But why?" Another answer. "But why?" Yet another answer. "Buy why?" You get the point.
  • "I have more questions for you, Daddy." They mostly revolve around "why".
  • "What are you eating?" Cheerios. "Cheerios? Ooohhhhhh."
  • On potty training:
    • "Close the door for me." Sometimes she likes her privacy.
    • "Peepee's not workin'."
    • "No thank you, Daddy." This one gets said when she tries to go, but doesn't have to.
    • And my personal favorite: "I'm gonna poop in the grass." You'll be glad to know that she did not follow through with this.
  • "Daddy, would you hold my hand to chase Mommy?" It is impossible to resist such a request.
  • "You yell at me. You make me cry." Carolyn interprets any scolding, regardless of the volume of one's voice, as yelling. And also, she was being pretty dramatic here, because she did not in fact cry.
  • On orange juice: "It's orange. It's tasty. I love it."
  • "I'm getting maaaaaarried." This was said after she wrapped a comforter from our bed around herself.
  • "Remember when we got the special milk at the restaurant?" The Olive Garden's milk is especially tasty, perhaps even more so than orange juice.

Potty training is now in full force

For the past week, Carolyn has not worn diapers with the exception of naps, overnight, and times when we're away from the house for more than an hour. Also, so far, only a handful of accidents.

We ask her every 20 minutes or so if she has to go to the potty, and she responds "no" nearly every time, so we force her to go every hour or so. There have been several occasions - and they are increasing - where she runs into the bathroom by herself or tells us she has to go, which is great.

It's actually been a fairly smooth transition - fingers are crossed that it continues. And just a quick reminder of how big Carolyn was the first time we got her to go on the potty nearly a year ago, and how foolish we were thinking that she was going to be potty trained shortly after this.

(How thrilled will she be one day to discover these pictures posted online?)

Mommy's little girl

In case there was still any doubt in anyone's mind that Carolyn looks like her mom, here are the two of them side-by-side when Kristen was about Carolyn's age.

Even the mise en scene of the pictures is eerily similar!

And, just for kicks, here's one of the two of them today.

Oh, how about one more added bonus?