A visit to Linvilla with some rowdy cousins

Last week, Aunt Lauren and her many sons came to visit for an afternoon, so we took everybody to Linvilla Orchards for some blueberry picking. Here's what went down.

Carolyn and a group of troublesome boys waiting for a tractor ride

Declan and Rogan either pretending they're on a golf course, or pretending they are swashbuckling sword fighters (I'll take the latter)

Just a young boy dreaming of a swim in a cool lake on a hot near-summer day...

... until his mother comes along and lays down the law.

They had been to a tank museum earlier in the day

Amidst all of this, we did indeed find some blueberries to pick

A picture in need of no caption

Carolyn: "I wanna smell it!"

Not pictured: Carolyn and the boys throwing pieces of bread at ducks. As Carolyn recounted the incident a few days later: "I said, 'Boof!'"

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