Month in Review: March 2010

Carolyn is now 22 months old. This post is late again, but here's what happened last month:
  • Most of the time Carolyn calls me "dad" rather than "daddy". No idea why. Mommy is still mommy, but I'm dad.
  • She surprised me by counting in Spanish from uno to diez one day. I was helping her put on a shirt and counting her arms as they went in and said "uno..." to which she replied "dos" and then continued to count all the way up to 10. I was floored. She also knows up ("arriba"), down ("abajo"), open ("abre"), and close ("cierra"). All that Dora the Explorer watching is paying off apparently. I guess it also helps that her nanny is fluent in Spanish.
  • She can now sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (video forthcoming), "The Wheels on the Bus", and some words in "He Doesn't Know Why", ya know, that Fleet Foxes song we sing to her at night.
  • As far as sleeping goes, she's been staying up later, usually til 9 o'clock (she had been routinely falling asleep at 8), and even skipped a nap entirely one day.
  • Two new young men in Carolyn's life: Diego (of Go Diego Go fame) and SpongeBob (of the square pants variety).
  • A few weeks ago, she sat down and read a book of hers (Too Purpley) cover to cover. No joke: every single word. Carolyn's also very much into this set of miniature Disney Princess books. There are twelve of them, and she can identify every single one by its cover, and knows a few of the stories in broad terms. Although, to be fair, they're all pretty much the same story: Princess is in some sort of trouble, runs away, meets new friends, returns, kisses prince, lives happily ever after.
  • This girl will jump for hours, especially in the crib. She'll hold onto the railing and jump away. Same applies to walls, tables, and basically anything else she can get her hands on. She's also gotten pretty good at jumping without holding onto anything as well.
  • One of her favorite new things to do is to play with cologne and perfume. She has been known to play continuously with these bottles (taking off lids, moving them around, putting lids back on, moving them around, repeat ad infinitum) for literally over an hour at a time. She even has names for each bottle, most notably "Uncle Tommy", which got its name when Kristen said "This one smells like Uncle Tommy." The real Uncle Tommy has been henceforth renamed "Polo Sport."

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FoleJacks said...

Of all songs, why do you sing "He Doesn't Know Why" at night? I bet it is because you like singing the "there's NOTHING I can saaaAAAAaaaaAy" part.

The Full Moyer said...

Clearly you missed this post from a few months ago:

Grandma Moyer said...

This picture is my absolute favorite (to date ...).

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