Month in Review: February 2010

I've actually managed to not write a single word on this blog since the last month in review. However, I did manage to post several videos, so go back and check those out if you so desire.

Carolyn is now 21 months old. Here are some of the highlights from the past month.
  • Quote of the month: "Be right back. I'm getting more laundry." She said this on repeat while carrying around a laundry basket for about 20 minutes one Saturday morning.
  • We had massive amounts of snow here in the Philadelphia area. More than 4 feet in the month of February. Just brutal for those of us who had to shovel. But kinda fun for Carolyn.
  • It seems the terrible twos do not adhere to a strict start date, as they seem to have already arrived. Carolyn will routinely throw tantrums for no apparent reason. Yay.
  • We went to Pet Smart a couple of days ago, and Carolyn spent a good 15 minutes walking up and down the fish aisle shouting, "Wow! Look at these fish!"
  • We've been taking her to a little gym class (at a place called, strangely enough, The Little Gym) for toddlers for a few weeks now. She gets to do all kinds of fun stuff like swing on a bar, crawl under tunnels, and generally run around and sort-of-but-not-really play with other kids. She loves it, and typically takes an early nap those days because she's so exhausted from all the physical activity.
  • Carolyn can now sing the ABC's, more or less. Okay, so there are a few hiccups along the way. For example, she'll typically skip letters C through P and go straight from B to Q (you know, B and P kinda sound the same). But, if we correct her she'll go right along with a little bit of prompting. L-M-N-O-P is a bit of a jumble, but you kind of expect that. She even does the ending pretty well. I would prove this to you if I ever had my video camera handy.
  • For a while she had been counting correctly, but now she enjoys skipping numbers and will typically go "one... two... eleven..." As long as we correct her and help her along, she'll actually count all the way up to twenty.
  • After dinner every night, Carolyn now insists that we have a "dance party". I'll allow you to imagine what this looks like, because I can guarantee you I'll never videotape it and put it on this blog.
  • Remember, like, 6 months ago when I told you we had a potty trainer? Yeah, well, still hasn't gone on the potty since then. We'll work on that again some day. I promise.

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