Video: Cousins

You might also remember this video from a year and a half ago: Carolyn vs. Jake. They've come a long way since then. Now they battle AND play together.

Slideshow: Christmas 2010

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Carolyn had a great time playing with her cousins on Christmas Eve, and a great time playing with her presents on Christmas Day. Such a great time, in fact, that we had to repeatedly attempt to convince her to stop playing with the presents she had already opened and finish opening the rest of them. Kristen and I ended up opening several of them for her. I guess Santa just brought too much cool stuff this year.

Merry Christmas!

More funny Carolyn quotes

You can follow along with the hilarity as it happens on Twitter: @Lil_Lynnie

Talkin' 'bout food

  • "Mommy, try your beans. They are super yummy."
  • "Allspice? All-gone-spice?"
  • "Steak? Pasta? What are you hungry for?" Quoting her favorite movie, The Incredibles.
  • "Hey! Are you eating my cereal?" I was.
  • "There's a party in my tummy!" From Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • "Mommy, Daddy made this yummy dinner. You better try some."
  • "Throwing things is bad table matters!" She meant 'manners' of course. And it really is.

Things she's brought home from school

  • "Daddy's making bad choices."
  • "When someone's crying, you say 'Tough cookies.'"

And some assorted randomness

  • "No Daddy! Those aren't your friends! They are my friends!" She said this in her sleep. I guess we know what was happening in her dream.
  • "This is for my best friend, Daddy." Said as she handed me a flower. I guess she got over my stealing of her friends.
  • "Guess what, Mommy? You're the sleepyhead of ever."
  • "My favorite song is on!" As this song came on the car stereo.
  • "Peeyoo! What is that? Maybe it's a skunk." She's big into smelling things lately.
  • "What's all this junk?" It was probably stuff that she left out.
  • "Cheers!" This started with clinking glasses, but she'll clink anything, including puzzles.
  • "Daddy, don't be annoyning." and "It's in the kitchen, Chris Annoyning."
  • "Stop making a mess, because Gamma and Papa are coming, Mommy!"
  • "You hold the string, and I will hold the bead. That's teamwork."
  • "Ahoy mateys! Hello pirates!"
  • "I love to do the heinie butt dance eeeevery day." She said this in the Acme parking lot for some reason, and proceeded to stick her butt out to one side, which of course is the heinie butt dance.
  • "Flip, flip, Flipadelphia!" Someone in the house must be quoting It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia too much.
  • "What song is this?" We Will Rock You. "Why does he want to rock me?"

Furniture, Jr.

A couple of weeks ago, Grandma and Papa Hyland salvaged a dollhouse from their neighbors to give to Carolyn. When I got home that day, I found that Carolyn had matched up the toy furniture with all of their real-life, full-size counterparts.

Take a look:

Not pictured: Sink and potty in the bathroom.

Video: A Young Children's Concert with Lynni

Carolyn saw Raffi for the first time on Thanksgiving, and she's been doing stuff like this ever since. I've been playing guitar for her for two and a half years and she never imitated me. Maybe I should have tried growing a beard. Oh wait, I did.

You should see the other guy

Last week at school, Carolyn got into an all-out brawl with an older kid. Punches were thrown. Shins were kicked. Hair pulled. Scrapes, bruises, and cuts all around.

Okay, so none of that is true. She fell down in the playground and scratched up her nose a little bit. At first it was really sensitive, and she'd wimper whenever we'd get near it, but since that first day, she's been saying "My boo-boo is getting so much better!" every day. It's all scabbed up now, but should be gone in a few more days. No big deal for the little champ.

Video: Happy Birthday to Mommy

Mommy and Daddy both had birthdays last week. Carolyn was super excited about it. Mostly for the cake.

Carolyn helping Daddy blow out his candle.

Kristen with the little figurine that Carolyn likes to call "Other Mommy".

In case you couldn't guess, Carolyn really likes cake, especially icing.

She also likes winking.

Video: Carolyn sings the Mr. Sun song

And here are the lyrics in case you're having a hard time decoding them.

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun
Mr. Golden Sun
Please shine down on me

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun
Mr. Golden Sun
Hiding behind a tree

These little children are asking you
To please come out so we can play with you

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun
Mr. Golden Sun
Please shine down on me

Kids say the darndest things

In case you haven't been following Carolyn's Twitter feed (and unless you're Grandma Moyer, you haven't been), here are a few choice quotes from the past few weeks that made me crack up. We get her to say all kinds of funny stuff, but all of these are original Carolyn creations.

"You look like a watermelon put away." ... said while putting plastic wrap over Mommy's face. You know, just like when you put plastic wrap over part of a sliced watermelon that you're saving.

"Stop! That hurts my ears!" ... said while I was playing her toy piano, obviously unimpressed with my ample musical talents.

"I can't believe this show!" ... said while watching Monty Python's Flying Circus. Two and a half and already exquisite comedic taste.

"This is called amazing thing spectacular." ... referring to rice pilaf. She likes it.

"Which seashell do you want, Sugar Butt?" ... Sugar Butt being me for some reason.

"I wanna do a piggyback ride. Say 'oink oink'." ... Carolyn enjoys highly authentic piggyback rides.

"Shake those hips!" ... dance instructions. Apparently I wasn't putting enough passion into it.

"Go, super guy, go!" ... referring to a toy train she was pushing around a track.

"I need to fill up the stroller because it's out of gas." ... already bumming gas money from her Dad.

"You were listening, so you get to have a sticker." ... pretty sure she picked this one up from school. I was glad to have the sticker either way.

"Nakie baby time!" ... followed by running up and down the hallway in a general attempt to avoid putting clothes back on.

"I can't find my candy!" ... said immediately after waking up from her nap on Halloween, referring to the candy she had collected from the previous evening's Halloween parade.

"Oooooh my gosh, I dropped it."

"It's like scissors. Cut, cut, cut!" ... said while crossing a pair of drumsticks in the air.

New warm duds

As Carolyn said after she put on her new hat, mittens, and boots: "It's winter time!"

Happy Gabbaween!

What's this? Matching costumes? Indeed. It's Foofa and DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba.

Here is Carolyn holding hands with her friend Katharine at her school's Halloween parade.

And here are her teachers along with all of the girls in the class. Not quite sure where the boys were at this point.

Carolyn and her friend Ellie before heading out trick-or-treating.

The night started out politely, with Carolyn and Ellie waiting to be told they could take a piece of candy. By the time we got to the last few houses they were just reaching in without saying anything. But they're cute, so they got away with it.

Nobody was home at this house, despite leaving all of the signs of an occupied house.

Priority #1 after getting back to Ellie's house was to take inventory of all the candy. In total, there was much more candy than any two-year-old needs.

This was me last weekend doing all-you-can-carry pumpkins at Linvilla Orchards. New personal best with 7 total pumpkins: 3 large and 4 medium. I could have done more.

We had grand plans to carve 4 large pumpkins this year, but these are the only two we got around to doing prior to Halloween. On the bright side, now that it's past Halloween, Kristen has given me the go-ahead to carve my flux capacitor pumpkin in honor of Back to the Future's 25th anniversary. Score.

Carolyn and Early

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Carolyn's nanny (Miss Erin) and her best friend (Early) moved away a few weeks ago. As you can probably guess from the pictures in this slideshow, Carolyn misses them already!

The ups and downs of the first week of preschool

You're looking at this face, and you're thinking: "This little girl is just an eternal ball of sunshine!" And most of the time, you'd be right. However, there are times when this little girl is exactly the opposite of a ball of sunshine -- she can scream, cry, and/or wail with the best of them.

Like, for instance, most of her first week of preschool. Let's rewind a second. For the better part of Carolyn's first 2 years, she had a nanny who came over to our house every day with her own daughter who is 9 months older than Carolyn. This worked out amazingly for all of us until about 2 months ago when our nanny informed us that she would be moving away. We decided that instead of getting another nanny, we would try Carolyn out in a preschool/daycare situation.

Fast forward to last week. First day of school, no problems. While walking back to the car after picking her up, I said, "What did you do today?" Carolyn replied, "I did so well!" We were off to a good start. But then things went a little downhill. By the next night, she was telling us "I don't want to go to school anymore." And then, when talking about what she was going to do at school the next day, "I'm going to sit down and wait for Mommy and Daddy to pick me up." Tears streaming down her face. We've never seen her so sad.

The teachers reported back that she had been whining and crying nearly all day for a few days. She chose to sit by herself and eat her lunch instead of sitting with the other kids. One day the teacher could only get her to calm down by taking her into one of the younger classrooms where the kids were sleeping and telling her she had to be quiet so she wouldn't wake them up. She couldn't wait to get out of there as soon as she saw me in the afternoons.

But I was firm and insisted we continue to send her and that she would get used to it. She made gradual progress each day, and now, a full one week and a day in, I believe we've reached a point where she's comfortable. Apart from a little bit of whining when I dropped her off this morning, she was clear all day. She ate lunch at a table with the other kids. She took a decent nap. She didn't even notice when I came to pick her up until I called her name 3 or 4 times.

And then after we got home, she started whining a little bit. She wanted to go back to school with her friends. I think she'll be just fine after all.

Video: Playing in Colorado

Video: Fuuuuuun

Slideshow: Train ride on the New Hope-Ivyland Railroad

Month in Review: August 2010

Let's see... Carolyn is now two and one quarter years old. Not really a whole lot of new stuff to report from the past month, but here's a quick recap.

  • She's stringing together sentences of up to 10 words at a time now.
  • She's into making funny faces and funny noises.
  • Potty training is nearly complete. She's now sleeping overnight in her underwear rather than pull-ups, and we haven't had any accidents in about 10 days (knock on virtual wood).
  • She tells jokes. Well, variations of two jokes:
    • "Guess what? Piggy butt!" (or chicken butt or many other various types of butts)
    • "Knockknockwho'sthere? Banana orangey!"
  • And lastly, a few more quotes from Carolyn:
    • "Wait for Mommy. Be patient."
    • "Can you hold this for a second minute?"
    • "That's enough!"
    • "Doorbell's not working. Have to get new batteries. Have to buy them at the store."

Mommy's little helper

I'm not the only one in this house that Carolyn helps out from time to time.

Daddy's little helper

Sometimes Carolyn can be incredibly perceptive, far beyond what I would expect. Just as one example: she started calling this device for rolling a car seat through an airport her lawnmower.

I hadn't even noticed the resemblance, but once she pointed it out, yep, sure enough: same shape, same handle, same color wheels. Now whenever I mow the lawn, I've got a little helper following closely behind.

Dresses, rings, earrings... wink!

Yup, that's our little princess.

Video: Dog sounds

Video: Pizza growling

Video: Ring around the rosie and assorted silliness

Funny face

Thanks for teaching her how to do this, Yo Gabba Gabba.

Robot baby!

Month in Review: July 2010

The past month in quotes from my little 26-month-old:
  • "You lay on the couch. Your hair's not working." See, Carolyn likes to hold onto Kristen's hair when she falls asleep, so Kristen lays next to her bed. When Kristen isn't home, it's my job to put Carolyn to bed, but my hair isn't long enough for her to hold onto, so she doesn't even see the point in my laying next to her.
  • "The sink is broken. Daddy, you gonna fix it?" In fact, I did fix that sink.
  • "Daddy, you hurt my finger. It was an accident." However, in the process of fixing the sink, Carolyn claimed that I somehow hurt her finger, but at least she recognized that it wasn't intentional.
  • "But why?" Answer. "But why?" Another answer. "But why?" Yet another answer. "Buy why?" You get the point.
  • "I have more questions for you, Daddy." They mostly revolve around "why".
  • "What are you eating?" Cheerios. "Cheerios? Ooohhhhhh."
  • On potty training:
    • "Close the door for me." Sometimes she likes her privacy.
    • "Peepee's not workin'."
    • "No thank you, Daddy." This one gets said when she tries to go, but doesn't have to.
    • And my personal favorite: "I'm gonna poop in the grass." You'll be glad to know that she did not follow through with this.
  • "Daddy, would you hold my hand to chase Mommy?" It is impossible to resist such a request.
  • "You yell at me. You make me cry." Carolyn interprets any scolding, regardless of the volume of one's voice, as yelling. And also, she was being pretty dramatic here, because she did not in fact cry.
  • On orange juice: "It's orange. It's tasty. I love it."
  • "I'm getting maaaaaarried." This was said after she wrapped a comforter from our bed around herself.
  • "Remember when we got the special milk at the restaurant?" The Olive Garden's milk is especially tasty, perhaps even more so than orange juice.

Potty training is now in full force

For the past week, Carolyn has not worn diapers with the exception of naps, overnight, and times when we're away from the house for more than an hour. Also, so far, only a handful of accidents.

We ask her every 20 minutes or so if she has to go to the potty, and she responds "no" nearly every time, so we force her to go every hour or so. There have been several occasions - and they are increasing - where she runs into the bathroom by herself or tells us she has to go, which is great.

It's actually been a fairly smooth transition - fingers are crossed that it continues. And just a quick reminder of how big Carolyn was the first time we got her to go on the potty nearly a year ago, and how foolish we were thinking that she was going to be potty trained shortly after this.

(How thrilled will she be one day to discover these pictures posted online?)

Mommy's little girl

In case there was still any doubt in anyone's mind that Carolyn looks like her mom, here are the two of them side-by-side when Kristen was about Carolyn's age.

Even the mise en scene of the pictures is eerily similar!

And, just for kicks, here's one of the two of them today.

Oh, how about one more added bonus?

Carolyn's favorite number

Carolyn has stated on numerous occasions that her favorite number is 4. We are pretty convinced this is true, for two primary reasons: (1) she likes to play with her foam number 4 (see picture above) and magnetic number 4s, and (2) her favorite song is "1 2 3 4" by Feist, which she also likes to sing whenever she's playing with her number 4s, especially the "whoa-oh-oh" part.

But this is still her favorite version of the song:

Video: Somersault!

Just a few pictures and a video from the Please Touch Museum

When Grandma Moyer was here a couple of weeks ago, we took Carolyn to the Please Touch Museum. She had fun there as usual.

This was in the Alice in Wonderland part. Carolyn was quick to exclaim: "I'm tall!"

Just like Mommy.

Just like in Big.

Baby baby grand.

And finally, Carolyn experiencing her favorite part of the Please Touch Museum: the carousel.

Odds and ends

Hanging on the rings at The Little Gym.

Both fascinated by the peach trees at Linvilla Orchards.

Riding a pony at Linvilla Orchards. She saw them doing pony rides, and said "I wanna ride a pony." Kristen and I hesitated and told her that we couldn't walk beside her. Then another kid's mom was walking beside him, which Carolyn quickly pointed out to us. So then we gave in, and of course she had to have the cowboy hat. She did great and loved every second of it. This was over two weeks ago and she still talks about it nearly every day.

Video: Peaches

Video: Carolyn's Second Birthday

I'm still catching up on my video backlog. This one is from May.

Video: Sanibel Island

Better late than never in posting this video, but this is from our vacation to Florida a few months back.

Month in Review: June 2010

June was a month with a lot of action, but this blog doesn't really show that. Maybe next month (yeah, right).

  • Quotes of the month: 
    • "Daddy, what's your problem?"
    • "No, rabbit! Don't eat my dinner!" (said when she spotted a box of Trix while sitting at the dinner table)
  • Knocking on wood as I type this, but she is finally sleeping consistently well. Asleep at 9, awake around 6, usually wakes up for a minute or two around 1am, but then right back to sleep. Plus a 2 to 3 hour nap during the day. I really hope I didn't just jinx this.
  • Being summer, we've been spending a lot of time outside at various places: Linvilla Orchards, Smith Memorial Playground, our own backyard, and Rose Tree Park where we've been going to free outdoor concerts nearly every week.
  • She's got a pretty amazing memory for a 2-year-old. She can actually recall things that happened weeks ago. For instance, Kristen took her to the Please Touch Museum probably 4 weeks ago. We showed her a picture of herself on the carousel there and she started talking about how she rode on a horse and then cried when she had to get off. She will frequently tell me tidbits about her day when I get home from work, recounting things she said, places she went, etc.
  • Still getting random temper tantrums. Ah, two. What fun.
  • As for potty training, still moving along. She'll go on her little potty when we specifically ask her to sit down, but she's still not at the stage where she's letting us know beforehand that she has to go.
  • Grandma Moyer came to visit for a few days, and Carolyn read tons of books with her, showed her all her toys, played with magnets, and in general they entertained each other pretty nicely.