Month in Review: Carolyn's 19th month

Today Carolyn is 19 months old. Let's recap the highlights from the past month.
  • We had Thanksgiving with lots of cousins.
  • Carolyn is a dancing machine.
  • She now eats at table with us, and in fact eats what we eat for the most part. Usually about halfway through the meal she'll proclaim that she's done, but if we give her something to distract her, she'll eat more.
  • She's been talking in short sentences, e.g. "Wake up, mommy"
  • She's also started repeating things we say, which is dangerous. So far she has repeated three different ways to say "excrement" from three different people. ("Excrement" was not one of the three variations she repeated.)
  • We had 22 inches of snow. Carolyn was hesitant to play, Dad was hesitant to shovel.
  • She's had a few instances of talking in her sleep right while she was falling asleep. One time she said "Nemo, Elmo, Nemo, Elmo". Another time she just said "No!". And a third time she said "Toot."
  • As you might have gathered from the above bullet, we watch parts of Finding Nemo nearly every day. It's the only movie she ever asks for, and I have to say, there are certainly lots worse choices she could have made.
  • She's got a new tooth, which brings the total to 11 (4 molars, 4 front top, and 3 front bottom).
  • She's gotten really good at fitting shapes into the right spaces, for example in puzzles and other toys. She now knows "circle" and "triangle".
  • She's starting to learn colors, though she's not too great yet. She'll routinely identify blue correctly, but blue is also her first guess for most other colors. However, she's pretty good when you say a color and ask her to find the right crayon.
  • A few days ago, she was playing peek-a-boo with herself in a mirror that was hanging on the back of a door. She proceeded to pull the mirror down over her own head, and it promptly smashed into a million pieces on the floor, and yet somehow she emerged completely unscathed. Since then I have bragged that my baby is so tough she smashes mirrors over her head. At the time Kristen and I both nearly had a heart attack.