New lullabyes

Who are these shaggy, flannel-laden young hipsters, and what are they doing on this blog? Well, they sing Carolyn's favorite song. Allow me to explain.

A few months ago, Carolyn started responding really well to having lullabyes sung to her when she was being put to sleep. Well, as it turns out, singing the same 2 songs over and over again becomes tedious and boring, so I started searching for something new to spruce it up a bit.

As it turns out, the song "He Doesn't Know Why" by Fleet Foxes (the band pictured above) is a perfect fit for a lullabye. No significant stretches without vocals, a nice soothing melody, and copious amounts of "Aah, aah, aah"s. Carolyn often requests the singing of this song by either saying "row row row" -- I'm not entirely sure where this came from -- or by saying her version of "fox", which I cannot write on a family-friendly blog.

Have a listen (and a look at the bizarre music video) for yourself and tell me this isn't the perfect new lullabye.

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graveyard said...

It's the best lullabye I've ever heard, that's for sure.

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