Month in Review: Carolyn's 18th month

A year and a half today!

  • Carolyn dressed up as Elmo for Halloween.
  • She's been stringing words together like crazy, including "Daddy sweep", "I coming", "Sip peachy", "Hi Gamma", and many others. There's usually a short pause between the two words.
  • She has developed a great attachment to our spice cabinet. Every single day, at least once, usually four or five times, she will ask for us to pick her up and open spices for her to sniff. Her word for this is "Asahmee". I have no idea what actual words this is meant to represent. Her favorite spices are paprika ("peek-a-pock") and cinnamon ("simmon").
  • She's a great help with loading and unloading the dishwasher.
  • Carolyn now feeds herself using a spoon or fork, and will pick up any glass left within her reach and help herself to a big gulp.
  • She loves to dance when we put music on the stereo, when there's music on TV, when one of her toys plays music... really anytime there's music, there's a chance she'll dance to it. Funny video upcoming on this one.
  • She loves to announce when she's playing ("punnin") or when she wants to play, including one morning when she woke up and that was the first thing she said. Oh, and she's been waking up around 5:30am every morning. Awesome.
  • Almost daily, we'll look at pictures on the computer. She especially likes the Colorado photo album, since it has pictures of Phoebe the dog and all of the zoo animals.

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