Happy Halloween!

This year, Carolyn will be Elmo for Halloween. Here are a few pictures of her in her costume, and below are a few pictures of us picking pumpkins at Linvilla Orchards. Carolyn really wanted to pick up one of the big pumpkins.

Family Field Trip: Adirondack Balloon Festival

A few weeks ago, we drove 6 hours to upstate New York to bring Carolyn to experience her first hot air balloon festival. (She behaved surprisingly well in the car - we only had to break out the DVD player once.)

The festival itself is a bit of a bizarre animal. You get up at 5am, drive to an airfield in the middle of nowhere in the dark with hundreds of other cars, drive down the runway and park, then spend, oh, 30 minutes watching hot air balloons inflate and take off. Then it's time for breakfast.

Carolyn seemed to like the balloons alright (especially the Nemo clownfish one), but I think her patience wore a bit thin with the cold weather (high 30s/low 40s) and the fact that we woke her up in the morning to arrive in time.

We were pretty excited to go to The Silo for breakfast. It was about a 40 minute drive from the airport to the restaurant because of the festival traffic. We expected Carolyn to take a little nap before we got there, but she stayed awake the entire car ride... until we pulled into the parking lot. One minute she was talking with Kristen, then I suggested they get out and put our name in while I found a parking space, but when we looked at Carolyn she was fast asleep. Oh well. So we came back for lunch instead.

I think the highlight of the weekend for Kristen was when she complained about the obnoxious family next door to us at the hotel, and they proceeded to upgrade us to a suite, which was much more comfortable for all of us than the kinda-crummy room they had originally given us.

Anyway, check out the video and pictures below, or click over to the photo album for higher quality pics.

Skeleton baby

Does this outfit remind you of the same thing it reminds me of?



For whatever reason, whenever Carolyn pretends to use the phone, or when the phone rings, she says "Papa?" Of course, whenever Papa is actually on the phone and trying to talk to her, she just stands there and grins ear to ear.

Month in Review: Carolyn's sixteenth month

So this post is a little over a week late, but Carolyn is now 16 months old. We had some pretty significant milestones this month; here's a summary of all the new stuff.

  • A few weeks ago, she went on the potty for about 5 straight days twice a day. Since then we've had trouble getting her to go, but not really any trouble getting her to sit on the potty and try, so maybe it's a matter of timing.
  • She has started counting. While we can sometimes get her to count from two to ten, usually she'll just alternate between five and six. Not sure why those are her favorite numbers, but there you go.
  • She likes to yell "Push!" and "Pull!" and actually uses both of them in the correct context.
  • She likes to attack with tickles out of nowhere, saying "Deet deet deet!"
  • She gives big kisses, complete with "Mmmmmmmwah!" We got her a new Sandra Boynton book a little while ago - Snuggle Puppy, which she loves by the way - and built into the book are prompts for kisses, which Carolyn always delivers on.
  • She still begs to go outside every chance she gets, and especially likes playing basketball. Or more precisely she likes it when I hold her, run around, try to steal the ball from Mommy, and toss up air balls.
  • When we read certain books, Carolyn chimes in with the words (or at least her version of the words). And sometimes she'll even read entire books by herself.