We have a potty trainer!

Yes, it's true. Several months ahead of my expectations, Carolyn has successfully used the potty four times in the last two days. We went out over the weekend to buy her a training potty, having failed several times to get her to go on the big potty. When we got to the wall of potties, she took no time in stating a preference for the Elmo potty, with repeated chants of "Emmo! Emmo!" until I pulled it off the shelf.

So we brought the potty home, and like you see in the picture above, started out by letting her sit on it with her diaper still on, telling her to "go peepee". A little while later, we took her diaper off, sat her down, told her to go peepee, and lo and behold she did it! So far there's been only one instance since when we've sat her down and she hasn't gone.

Nothing can truly express how proud a parent is at such an accomplishment. I suppose the next step is to get her to warn us before she has to go. I'm not expecting this to happen overnight, but you never know.

By the way, I highly recommend the Elmo potty. Elmo offers congratulations in several languages when you high-five him.

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