Month in Review: Carolyn's fifteenth month

Carolyn is 15 months old today, and we're already a quarter of the way to 2 years old. As I say every month, it's just flying by!

  • She enjoys wearing mom and dad's shoes, although they're still too big for her to actually walk around in them, try as she might.
  • I mentioned previously about how we read Good Night Gorilla before bed, and how there are all kinds of small details buried in the artwork. One of these is a banana that shows up on every page being dragged around by a mouse. One night I decided to tell the story from the perspective of the banana, and ever since, all Carolyn wants to do with the book is flip the pages and point out the "mana".
  • Carolyn treats the clicking open of the dishwasher as her own personal summons to the kitchen, where she proceeds to touch every single dish she can get her hands on, and then graciously helps to lift and close the door.
  • In an effort to try to get her to sleep easier, we have started giving her stuffed animals to hold onto while she falls asleep. Her favorites are a small blanket with a bunny head attached (Bunny Foofoo) and a little monkey (Monkey Foofoo). Consequently she does seem to be going to sleep easier, though she still has the rare night where it takes up to an hour. She is also quite fond of giving all stuffed animals big hugs.
  • She likes to climb up onto the first step on the stairwell and sit down. She also likes it when you come and sit next to her and read a book. After a few days, I mentioned it to the nanny and she said "Yeah, that's where I put her shoes on." All of a sudden it made a whole lot of sense - Carolyn loves going outside!
  • Before she goes to bed, she drinks about half a glass of water, out of a big girl glass. She also has water in the morning when she wakes up. Now, the funny/odd thing she's been doing lately is when I attempt to offer her the glass, she pushes it towards Kristen instead. Apparently only Mommy knows how to do it right.
  • As can be seen in the Five Short Films about Carolyn video, she plays the flute, makes animal sounds, kisses stuffed animals and books (but rarely humans), and spins in a circle.
  • When she enters a room where there are already people, or when someone walks in the door, she says "Hi!" with a huge smile on her face.

Video: Five Short Films about Carolyn

Family Field Trip: Please Touch Museum

A little over a week ago, we took Carolyn to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. It was our first visit there, and I must say: What a great place to take a toddler!

Carolyn was apprehensive at first because of all the bustle and commotion, but she quickly got over that and had a great time playing with all of the stuff geared towards little ones.

Her two favorite parts were playing the mini piano, and climbing this little mountain thing. Check out all the photos in the slideshow below or click over to the photo album for the higher quality pics.

Can you find Carolyn?