Month in Review: Carolyn's fourteenth month

Some quick notes to recap month number fourteen:

  • Lots more new words this month; I won't go into them all, but pretty much she will repeat whatever you ask her to say in some form. She's starting to put together jumbles of sentences -- "I don't know", "There it is", "Want this", "Swiper no swiping", etc. -- and it's really pretty amazing.
  • She likes chasing and being chased.
  • She is officially no longer breastfed. Kristen was a real trooper going 13+ months with it, and pumping at work for 10 of those months.
  • She is sleeping through the night, usually. So that's one less thing for me to complain about. However, she has gotten more difficult to actually put to sleep. At night, it's anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour of walking/singing/humming/rocking before she'll fall asleep.
  • She got to meet Great Grandma Netter, Great Aunt Anne, and dad's cousin Katie. We didn't manage to get any pictures because Carolyn still doesn't let big people hold her, although she did seem to like Katie a whole lot.
  • She enjoys opening and closing doors, but has yet to figure out the doorknob part of it. She'll have a tough time with a lot of the old doors in this house, so we're not too worried. (Famous last words?)
  • Really, really, really, really likes playing outside, and frequently asks to go outside. On more than one occasion, she has asked to go outside as soon as she woke up in the morning. Her favorite things to do outside are play on her swing, write with sidewalk chalk, and play with a ball.
  • When she wants to emphatically say "yes", she nods with her entire body while breathing heavily with a "heh heh heh heh". This is a frequent response to the questions "Do you want to go outside?", "Do you want some cereal?" and "Do you want to read a book?", and can even show up with "Do you want to take a nap?"
  • She's recently developed a serious fascination with toothbrushes. Whenever she wanders into the bathroom and sees a toothbrush, she will not move until that toothbrush is in her hand, and more often than not she will not move until she has multiple toothbrushes in her hands. She will then walk around the entire 2nd floor of the house with the toothbrushes, sometimes even using them to brush her teeth.
  • Her favorite TV shows are Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer. Her favorite character on Sesame Street is Elmo, hands down, but she's fond of pretty much all of the monsters. Her favorite character on Dora is the backpack -- I don't know why -- and she likes to announce the arrival of the backpack on screen by shouting "Baa-paa!" We try to limit her TV time, and will usually only put it on when we plan to sit and participate with her, encouraging her to respond to questions, asking her to name characters, etc. Typically we'll watch an episode of one of these two when we're winding down before bed or when she's really cranky (which is rare). Thank the heavens for DVRs.
  • She's now moved on from the flimsy leather shoes into real big girl shoes, and can be found frequently asking for shoes, because she knows that a prerequisite for going outside is having shoes on.

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