Carolyn's favorite books

As I mentioned in the latest Month in Review post, Carolyn is really into reading books lately. I thought I'd give a rundown of some of her favorites in case any moms or dads out there are looking for ideas.

by Sandra Boynton

Okay, let me get this much out of the way: Sandra Boynton is the undisputed queen of baby books. Not only does Carolyn love her books, but I must say that Kristen and I get a kick out of them as well. Opposites has a pretty simple structure: Pictures of things that are opposite. Each is depicted by an animal. Carolyn often chimes in with the first word of the first page: "Big!"

Belly Button Book
by Sandra Boynton

A book all about how hippopotamuses love their belly buttons, which is so crazy that it has to be true. Highlighted by a baby hippo saying "Bee Bo!" Hilarious.

Barnyard Dance!
by Sandra Boynton

Yeehaw! I like to sing this one with a Southern square dancing flavor. "Stomp your feet! Clap your hands! Everybody ready for a barnyard dance!" Carolyn has started stomping her feet at the beginning, and pays close attention all the way through.

Toes, Ears and Nose
by Marion Dane Bauer, illustrated by Karen Katz

A recent addition to our library as one of Carolyn's birthday presents, this one has flaps that you lift up to reveal various body parts. Carolyn starts chanting "Bap! Bap!" 3 pages before the "back" page. So far she's only pulled off the two ear flaps. This book has gone a long way in teaching Carolyn to point to body parts, especially, well, her toes, ears and nose, as it turns out.

Grover's Book of Cute Things to Touch
by Constance Allen, illustrated by Tom Cooke

Not exactly my favorite book: It's not very clever or coherent really. Half the book is filled with things you don't want to touch, like porcupines and cacti. But boy does Carolyn like it. Especially the page where Grover's on a mountaintop, where she goes "Brrrrrr".

Good Night, Gorilla
by Peggy Rathmann

Carolyn's absolute favorite nighttime book, and possibly favorite book overall. This is actually a really clever book, in that it lets the pictures drive the story, with only very minimal dialogue added in, e.g. "Good night, gorilla", "Good night, lion". Therefore, the reader gets to take some creative liberties in telling the story, which of course I'm quite happy to do.

Carolyn's favorite part is when Mrs. Zookeeper pops her eyes open after turning out the lights when 8 animals in her room respond to her saying "good night" to Joe, the zookeeper. My favorite part is how the zookeeper is wearing his zookeeper outfit in their wedding photo in the background of one of the pages.

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