Month in Review: Carolyn's thirteenth month

Today Carolyn is one year and one month old, and we are officially on the road to two. Lots of progress this month, despite infrequent updates on this blog.

  • First vacation. First plane ride. First trip to the beach.
  • Lots of new words: backpack, back, daddy, baby, uh oh, and my personal favorite, which I've been trying to teach her since she started saying "more": please.
  • Now an expert at walking. Dances every once in a while, especially to Vampire Weekend. She digs afro-beats.
  • 3 new teeth, now 6 in total.
  • She now faces forward in her carseat, which she seems like much better than facing backward.
  • Possibly her favorite thing to do is read books, and she definitely has her favorites. When you ask her to go get a book to read, she'll almost always return with one of 6 or 7 of her favorites (out of her library of 30 or so books). It's uncanny. She's read some of these so many times that she's basically got them memorized and has started participated by saying some of the key words, even before the page is turned in some cases.
  • She has started alerting us when she has gone to the bathroom by saying "peepees".
  • Can point to her nose, ears, and feet when prompted.
  • She and I will frequently sneak up on Mommy. When I say "Let's sneak up on Mommy", she'll start going "shhh" and putting her finger to her mouth. Then she'll proceed to giggle as we approach. Last week, she and I were in the kitchen (Mommy was at work), and she left, heading towards the hallway. I figured she was going to the stairs, but then I heard her start walking down the hall back towards the other doorway into the kitchen. About halfway down the hall, she starts going "shhh" and then as she turns the corner she's laughing hysterically and gives me a big "gah!" as she comes back into the kitchen behind me. She snuck up on me, independently. It was hilarious.

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