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Really good writing for a one year old

Month in Review: Carolyn's thirteenth month

Today Carolyn is one year and one month old, and we are officially on the road to two. Lots of progress this month, despite infrequent updates on this blog.

  • First vacation. First plane ride. First trip to the beach.
  • Lots of new words: backpack, back, daddy, baby, uh oh, and my personal favorite, which I've been trying to teach her since she started saying "more": please.
  • Now an expert at walking. Dances every once in a while, especially to Vampire Weekend. She digs afro-beats.
  • 3 new teeth, now 6 in total.
  • She now faces forward in her carseat, which she seems like much better than facing backward.
  • Possibly her favorite thing to do is read books, and she definitely has her favorites. When you ask her to go get a book to read, she'll almost always return with one of 6 or 7 of her favorites (out of her library of 30 or so books). It's uncanny. She's read some of these so many times that she's basically got them memorized and has started participated by saying some of the key words, even before the page is turned in some cases.
  • She has started alerting us when she has gone to the bathroom by saying "peepees".
  • Can point to her nose, ears, and feet when prompted.
  • She and I will frequently sneak up on Mommy. When I say "Let's sneak up on Mommy", she'll start going "shhh" and putting her finger to her mouth. Then she'll proceed to giggle as we approach. Last week, she and I were in the kitchen (Mommy was at work), and she left, heading towards the hallway. I figured she was going to the stairs, but then I heard her start walking down the hall back towards the other doorway into the kitchen. About halfway down the hall, she starts going "shhh" and then as she turns the corner she's laughing hysterically and gives me a big "gah!" as she comes back into the kitchen behind me. She snuck up on me, independently. It was hilarious.

Video: Bodega Bay

Here is the first of two videos from California. This is the self-indulgent pseudo-art one, in case you're wondering.

Family Vacation in Northern California

A few weeks ago, the Moyer families (us, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Ellen, and cousins Margaret and JJ) all went out to California for a week. We rented a house in Bodega Bay (you know, the little town from The Birds) that was lovely, and in general it was a very nice week. Let's break it down into sections so that this post isn't long and boring. Okay, it might still be long and boring, but if it's in sections, you can skip around.

Flying. Yikes. Well, okay, it wasn't that bad, considering it was a 6-hour-and-change flight out there and a 5-hour-and-change flight back. However, I won't say everything went off without a hitch. I will say that Carolyn was very well behaved for most of both flights, but there were spots where she was a little... difficult. I'm sure our neighbors on the plane were just delighted to be sitting near a baby. Oh well.

We brought lots of books, toys, snacks, and oddities to keep her busy. (You should have seen us in the airport. Each of us holding two bags, pulling a suitcase and pushing a stroller in Kristen's case and a carseat in my case. It's amazing our house wasn't completely empty while we were gone.) Kristen wrapped a few of the toys in wrapping paper, which was a novel idea, and worked for the first flight, but Carolyn wasn't as interested in unwrapping stuff on the flight home. When she had a screaming fit (on both flights) we resorted to putting on an Elmo DVD, which pacified her for a little while anyway.

If I had to do it all over again, I'd have chosen a closer location with a shorter flight, but now we've done just about the worst, so there's something to say for that. At least it was a non-stop flight.

The Family. At the beginning of the week, Carolyn did not want to be alone in a room with any adults other than mom and dad. By the end of the week, she allowed kisses from adults, but nobody was allowed to hold her except mom, dad, and Margaret.

She did really like playing with her cousins, especially when they were building things for her to knock down, such as towers of Dixie cups.

Bodega Bay. Gorgeous. Sorta cold. Remote. We hiked along a trail down to the beach, where Carolyn had just about the time of her life playing in the sand. She much prefers using her hands to put sand in a bucket than a shovel. Also, she very much prefers not to have her feet stuck into freezing ocean water by her mommy. We found that one out by trial and error.

Redwoods. We went to two different redwood forests: Armstrong Redwoods and Muir Woods. It seems a bit obvious to say, but redwoods are tall. You don't really understand it until you're standing under one. Also, coincidentally, they are old. The oldest one we saw was 1300 years old. What was most surprising to me was how closely together they grow. I'm told this is because they share root systems. I asked Carolyn what she thought of the trees, but she withheld comment.

Wineries. Of course if you are in Sonoma County, you've got to check out some wineries. We visited Korbel and Kendall-Jackson, which are both massive, and Graton Ridge, which is tiny. I'm kinda like the Thomas Haden Church character from Sideways when it comes to wine tasting, so I won't embarrass myself by trying to evaluate the wines. I will say that it all tasted pretty good to me.

Balloons. At Kendall-Jackson, we struck a gold mine in terms of occupying children. Each kid got a balloon, and they provided hours and hours of entertainment.

San Francisco. We took a day trip down to Frisco (we really need to steal that nickname back from old-timers) somewhere in midweek. We didn't explore much of the city, but we did drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, saw Alcatraz from a distance, and visited Fisherman's Wharf. At Pier 39, we saw massive amounts of sea lions, and they were barking like mad. Kinda surreal to see them so close up.

Teeth. Carolyn got three new ones, and Margaret pulled one out. More exciting than your average week in teeth.

New Stuff. "Uh oh". Climbing down stairs backwards. Not as scared of other people.

Pictures and Videos. Of course there are tons of pictures. I'm working on the videos and will post them when ready. Considering it took me two weeks to write a simple post about the trip, and I've been home all week, well, don't hold your breath on the those videos getting posted quickly. In the meantime, peruse the photo album; there's plenty of eye candy there to tide you over for a while.

First year retrospective videos

Here are a few videos I pulled together from a year's worth of video footage, showing Carolyn's growth throughout the year. Enjoy.