Month in Review: Carolyn's twelfth month

Well, here we are. Carolyn is one year old! I'll be writing a retrospective of the entire year in a day or two, but in the meantime, here's what happened in the final month of Carolyn's first year.

  • Still loves jumping in her jumper
  • Quite the little stair climber
  • Frequently refuses to leave her crib after naps until she's good and ready
  • Pre-bedtime ritual involves lots of silliness
  • We had a Mothers Day with limited mommy in the morning
  • Rare occurrence of falling asleep on a short drive in the car
  • Will eat as many blackberries as you put in front of her, amongst other foods. Some of her other favorites this month are cheese, mac and cheese, tortilla with cream cheese, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, bananas, and yogurt.
  • Kinda scared of her cousin Jake, and also anybody she doesn't see on a daily basis
  • Loves, loves, loves, loves, loves playing outside. She will frequently grab her jacket and bring it over to us, indicating that she would like to go outside. She will also point towards the door and say "buh-bye", which also means she would like to go outside. We'll play in the yard (including in the baby pool) and at a few different playgrounds nearby, where she likes swinging and sliding, along with all the other toys available there.
  • First trip to the zoo
  • Can feed herself with a spoon, in a limited capacity. She can also drink out of a sippy cup all by herself.
  • Has learned to walk! She'll walk across a room, her gait taking a cue from Frankenstein's monster.
  • Pretends to eat out of a bucket with a comb. Yes, it's as cute as it sounds, and she even offers other people a bite of the imaginary food on the comb.
  • Stacks things on top of one another
  • Now has 3 teeth (2 on the bottom, 1 on the top)
  • Does the itsy-bitsy spider fingerwalk thing when you sing the song to her
  • And finally: the talking. And my, oh my, is there a lot of it. Let's see (click on the word for Carolyn's pronunciation): Banana, Grandma, Elmo, Football, Monkey, Bye bye, Lamb, Banana, Trees, Shoes, Papa, Socks, Butterfly, Go, Dora, and Bunny. Plus, on request, she can make an elephant sound (raspberries), a cat sound (meow), and a cow sound (moo).

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