Video: Carolyn climbs the stairs

Video: Carolyn jumping in her jumper: Then and now

Month in Review: Carolyn's eleventh month

One more month until Carolyn's first birthday! Lots of new developments from this past month:

  • Lots of new words, as documented in her Twitter feed. Highlights: "No" (her favorite), "Lynnie" (or "Nynnie" as she pronounces it), "More".
  • Walking! Sort of. So far she has taken up to 5 steps on her own, but typically one or two steps falling into someone or something (usually someone).
  • A second tooth! (No pictures yet.)
  • Carolyn dressed up nice for Easter, played with some plastic stuff, cried at some adults.
  • She loves playing outside. There is a playground across the street from our house, and she loves it. Pictures are in the Spring 2009 photo album. More on this in a later blog post.
  • Trains are awesome.
  • So is your own shadow.
  • Climbing stairs is even more awesome than your own shadow.
  • Whatever is in those kitchen cabinets is even more awesome than climbing stairs.
  • Still plays with the guitar and other potentially dangerous stuff.
  • She's still expanding her diet: Pineapple, avocado, whatever Mommy is eating, crackers, mac and cheese, mozzarella cheese, cantaloupe, mango, and her absolute favorite, blackberries. She would eat blackberries all day long if we let her. I'm not exaggerating.

Carolyn's first Easter

For Carolyn's first Easter, the Easter Bunny brought her a Dora the Explorer chair, an Elmo doll, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and a visit from a number of Hylands. As you can see in the picture above, she was very happy about all of these things.

What you can't see is how terrified she was of Uncle Tom. In fact, she only let cousins Megan, Emily and Kelly play with her, so we only managed to get a picture of her with them.

She spent a few minutes outside in her pretty dress ("Pty pty pty pty") so that we could snap some photos. It was a beautiful day, but a little on the chilly side.

We did manage to squeeze in a family photo as well while she wasn't trying to get away from everyone over 15 years old.


Plastic eggs and plastic flowers: What else could a little girl ask for? There are lots more cute pictures in the photo album, or you can flip through the slideshow below.

I want you to like me for my music, not just my good looks

Look Ma, no hands!

Is it safe to let an almost-11-month-old play with fingernail clippers? I don't know, but they sure can do funny things with them sometimes.

Carolyn Mary Pickford

Is this hat adorable or what? I just hope she doesn't grow up to be a flapper.

Looking for trouble in the kitchen cabinets

One of Carolyn's new things to do is opening and closing one of the kitchen cabinets - and only the one - and then opening and closing it, and opening and closing it, and open and closing it, and... you get the point.

Groundhog Day for Babies

When Carolyn kisses her shadow, it means six more weeks of teething.

Climbing the stairs

To answer your question before you even ask it: Yes, this is as exciting (from Carolyn's perspective) and as dangerous (from her parents' perspective) as it looks. One day she climbed onto the first step, then the next day or a few days later she just decided she was going to climb the whole flight. Now we do this at least once a day. Then we celebrate when we reach the top.

Choo choo!

One of Carolyn's new favorite things is being pushed around on this train. Carolyn is just the latest of the Hyland grandkids to enjoy the merits of it, but I think Grandma and Papa Hyland are going to have a hard time getting Carolyn to give it back. It makes train noises when you push it, and there are also buttons for whistles and so forth. It's obviously awesome.

Scenes from an early spring afternoon

The return of the fauxhawk

I swear it's a coincidence that every time we take a picture of her during bathtime she has managed to style her hair into a fauxhawk. Okay, maybe we gave her a little help.


One of Carolyn's new favorite things to do is to put various things on her wrist as a bracelet, including plastic rings, watches, and actual bracelets.

Random happy baby pics

Exersaucer comparison

Carolyn continues to outgrow her toys. The latest victim is the exersaucer. When we first put her in it 7 months ago she couldn't even hold her head up, and we had to stuff towels in around her. Now she prefers to stand outside the exersaucer and shake it like there's no tomorrow. These before and after pictures never cease to amaze me.

August 28, 2008 - 3 months old

March 21, 2009 - 10 months old