How to steal some of Mommy's food

1. Stand up

2. Turn around and ask politely

3. Open wide

4. Chomp down

5. Smile and ask for more

No pictures, please

Month in Review: Carolyn's tenth month

This post is about a week late because I was in London on business last week. It was really hard to be away from Carolyn for 5 days, but everyone managed okay. Kristen had the hardest time, with Carolyn cutting teeth and waking up pretty frequently overnight.

We used video chat nearly every night, so we were able to see each other for a few minutes every day at least. Carolyn seemed to somewhat understand what was going on with the video chat. She tried to feed me various objects, and at least from my end appeared to be talking to me, although at this age it's really hard to tell if she's off in her own world or actively attempting to communicate.

On to the latest in the world of Carolyn:

  • A tooth! As mentioned above, her first tooth has come in. Now it hurts more when she bites you.
  • Lots of babbling and new vocabulary
  • Very active - standing up, crawling around, etc.
  • Steady growth and blood drawn
  • Loves playing with big boxes
  • Thinks phones are awesome
  • Plays around in laundry
  • She has started rejecting baby food fed by spoon when there are other foods around that she can pick up and eat by herself. She's going to be quite the independent woman.
  • She really likes looking for things. For example, you might hide a toy behind something, then poke that toy's head out from behind it. Carolyn will then squeal and attack whatever object is in the way. She also searches for objects that are placed underneath something else. She'll lay flat on her belly and wave her hand underneath the sheet or blanket or piece of furniture until she locates what she's looking for, then pull it out and be very pleased with herself.

Little baby jabberjaws

Carolyn has been babbling up a storm lately. Some words that she kinda says (rarely) if you pay really close attention:
  • Book
  • Shoe
  • Diaper ("Per")
  • Up ("Puh")
  • Dad
  • Mom

Fashion tip

Oversized orange-and-black casual headwear is in this season. Impress your friends with your style - wear it forward or backward.

Playing with clothes = best thing ever

I suppose at this point I shouldn't expect anything other than total chaos when Carolyn finds a pile of clothes lying on the floor.

Carolyn's strange fascination with phones

Every time we go to make a phone call, Carolyn's eyes light up and she starts giggling. The excitement grows as she hears the phone ring and we start talking. But then as soon as we put the phone next to her ear so that she can talk - pure silence. Oh well.

How's the weather up there?

Boxing's been good to me

A few weeks ago, we decided that Carolyn was getting too big for her infant car seat, so we took the plunge and bought her a big girl car seat. She seems to behave much better in the car with the new car seat, which is great. But what she likes even better than the car seat is the box that it came in.

And, okay, Kristen and I don't mind playing in it either.

9-month doctor visit

Carolyn went to the pediatrician the other day for her 9-month well visit. She's perfectly healthy. Here are her 9-month stats - no surprises here, really:

Weight: 17 lbs 6 oz (19th percentile)
Height: 29 inches (86th percentile)
Head Circumference: 47 inches (97th percentile)

We then took her a few days later to get blood drawn. All in all, it went about as well as you could hope. I sat in the chair and held her still, while two nurses secured her left arm and stuck in the needle, then quickly filled two vials. Kristen sat and watched, horrified. Of course Carolyn screamed quite a bit, but not nearly as bad as when she got her vaccinations, and she calmed down pretty quickly after it was all over, thanks in no small part to the abundance of snacks that we brought along.