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Month in Review: Carolyn's ninth month

Only 3 months until Carolyn's first birthday! It's amazing how far she's come in just 9 months. No time to waste; we've got a lot to get to.

  • We took a family field trip to Adventure Aquarium in Camden. Carolyn liked it, we think.
  • She's almost outgrown the Bumbo, but that doesn't stop her from wanting to climb in it. Also, it has given rise to the Bumbohead, where Daddy puts the Bumbo on his head. And hilarity ensues.
  • Crawls all over, and especially likes crawling under and through things. If you're sitting on the floor with your knees in the air, be certain that she will crawl through them. She also likes crawling through the space between our sofa and loveseat, but that could also be because that's the gateway to where we keep the magazines that she rips apart.
  • Loves climbing on people and basically everything else.
  • Eats lots of different kinds of food. This month we introduced Cheerios, Ritz crackers, Goldfish, meaty baby food, and several different fruits and vegetables.
  • She has a little cup where we put her snacks. It's the kind you reach into to pull snacks out, but she for some reason doesn't like reaching in. Instead she pushes in one of the flaps, turns it upside down, and shakes it until something comes out. Not the tidiest method, but it gets the job done.
  • Claps her hands, usually when she does something that she finds impressive.
  • Pulls herself up to standing, and is then usually pretty unpredictable.
  • Because of pulling herself up, we had to lower her crib, which is a burdensome task.
  • Enjoys cheering Mommy up when she's sick in bed.
  • Still no teeth.
  • We expect her to be walking very soon. We've converted the walker from sit-in mode to walk-behind mode, and she does pretty well with it.

Under the covers with Mommy

The other day, Kristen wasn't feeling so hot. She had caught a stomach bug of some kind, and well, you don't really need any more details. She spent a decent portion of the day in bed, trying to catch up on the sleep that she didn't get while she was awake from 3am to 8am or so, talking to the toilet.

Carolyn decided to crawl into bed (with a little help from me) and cheer her up.

Mission accomplished.

C is for Carolyn

Dad's guide to adjusting a crib

A couple of weeks ago, we had to lower the mattress in Carolyn's crib since she was getting to the stage of pulling herself up onto things. For those of you who have not had first-hand experience in adjusting the mattress height of a crib, let me tell you that it is a royal pain.

You would think it would be the simplest thing in the world. But then you realize that they put the hole where you need to screw right behind the bars on the outside of the crib, which of course are adjustable on one side, but very much not so on the other. Not only that, but this is a nut-and-bolt setup, so you need one hand to hold the nut with pliers while you use the screwdriver on the other side to screw the bolt in (or vice versa - to be honest I have no idea which one is the nut and which one is the bolt). Oh, but this is not straightforward either, because as mentioned previously, there's an entire side of the crib in the way, and your arms are not 10 feet long.

So you have one of two options; you can either detach the bars from the one side of the crib that is not adjustable (which you do not want to do, because it would take forever), or you can grunt and moan while your armpit gets terribly chafed and you attempt to maneuver a screwdriver into a position it was not intended to go, all the while attempting not to scratch an over-priced crib with it.

You convince yourself you can do this all by yourself - no problem - because, well jeez, it's only adjusting the crib, way easier than assembling it. But you're wrong. This is no 5-minute task. This is a 45-minute job. And now you're sweating. And it's not even 8am. You need a nap. But hey, at least your baby won't climb out of the crib for another, oh, 2 months.

Video: Carolyn gets adventurous with standing on her own

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Carolyn and Mommy demonstrate the proper technique for sharing an apple

When you're both too hungry to take turns...

Daddy the jungle gym

Can't a man read his Acme ad in peace?

I'm coming to get you!

Carolyn is officially mobile and dangerous. She nearly gives Kristen a heart attack every time she gets near the coffee table and inevitably tries to pull herself up on it or swing her head perilously close to the sharp corners.

Outgrowing the Bumbo

One of the things you learn pretty quickly as a parent is that nothing lasts very long. Clothing, toys, your sanity - all fleeting. But sometimes it's interesting to reminisce about times already gone by. For instance, the picture on the left is Carolyn 6 months ago: Barely able to hold her own head up. And on the right we have Carolyn today, from whom no fuzzball on the floor is safe.

Family Field Trip: Adventure Aquarium

On Friday Kristen and I were both off from work, so we decided to take Carolyn deep into the heart of the second most dangerous city in the United States. Okay, so we took her to Camden, but it was on the waterfront, which is actually quite nice. Kristen had been to Adventure Aquarium before, but this was my first trip, and I have to say, we had a good time.

Carolyn did about as well as we could have hoped in her first "field trip". At first she didn't quite know what to make of the fish and assorted sea creatures, but by the end of our tour she was eagerly following them with her eyes as they swam past her.

We managed to feed her lunch at the aquarium without incident, and as an added bonus, she fell asleep on the way home! This is an extreme rarity for Carolyn, who generally hates being in the car, and almost never survives a trip without screaming at least for a few minutes. This time she very quietly dozed off within 5 minutes or so, then slept the remaining 25 minutes or so. She did have the assistance of a new magical little friend. More on that later.

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