Thanksgiving and Carolyn's latest doctor's appointment

On Wednesday Carolyn had her six-month checkup. She now weighs 15 lbs (30th percentile), is 27 inches long (88th percentile), and has a head circumference of 44.5 cm (93rd percentile). So basically her growth is consistent with last time around and everything is just fine.

She also got more shots, which threw Kristen into a bit of a fit, because Carolyn was (and is still) getting over a tiny cold, and apparently you are not supposed to give shots to an infant when they have or have just had a cold. Now, of course, I specifically asked the doctor while I was there whether she was sure it was okay, and she assured me that it was. But what do I know? Obviously less than my doctor wife. So sometimes it's good to be married to a doctor, because she can call up other doctors and speak her mind about bad decisions.

But then there's other times where being a doctor kinda sucks. Such as Thanksgiving. When you have to work. Overnight. Yes, Kristen was on call on Thanksgiving, which means that Carolyn and I hung out together by ourselves. (In case you're wondering, I had a salami sandwich for lunch and beef stew for dinner, and Carolyn had finely pureed applesauce and carrots for lunch and dinner.)

Kristen ended up getting 2 hours of sleep, then got home around 1pm on Friday, and we pretty much drove straight to Grandma and Papa Hyland's house, after Carolyn had a little snack from mommy. By the time we got there (a little over an hour's drive), I had two very grumpy girls on my hands. They both felt better after they took a nap together. We then had some delicious Thanksgiving leftovers with (nearly) the entire Hyland family, and called it a night a little after 8pm. (I didn't really have any reason to be so tired since Carolyn slept like an absolute angel for me Thanksgiving night, but I'll take any opportunity to grab some extra sleep.)

Carolyn didn't do so great sleeping in the Pack'n'Play that night. In fact she spent the entire night in bed with us because she would wake up and whine every time we put her down. So it goes. Then last night she decided to wake up a whole lot more frequently than she usually does. My theory is that she got too used to being able to snuggle with her mom and so every time she woke up last night she was not happy that Kristen was not right next to her. Whatever the reason, last night was something of an anomaly, because she has consistently been sleeping for 6 to 8 hours at a stretch over night for the last several weeks.

Today we're going to decorate the Christmas tree. Exciting!

Month in Review: Carolyn's sixth month

Today Carolyn is halfway to one year old. Has it really been six months already? Seems like just yesterday that Kristen and I would keep our glasses when we slept because Carolyn would wake up so frequently overnight. Now she's in a pretty nice pattern; she'll sleep pretty consistently for 5 to 6 hours to start the night, then wake up another time or two before she's ready to wake up for the day.

Here is what was new in the sixth month:
  • The Phillies won the World Series for the first time in all 3 of our combined lives.
  • Carolyn dressed up as a monkey for Halloween with Mommy and Daddy Zookeeper.
  • She really likes eating baby cookies and making a mess of herself.
  • Her favorite toy is her jumper, and she can really move in that thing!
  • She is a smiley, smiley baby.
  • She has started playing in her walker, inching her way around.
  • Check out how much she has grown since she was born.
  • Carolyn is absolutely enthralled with beer bottles.
  • She also spends her days grabbing things and putting them in her mouth, and her newest favorite activity is dropping stuff on the floor and then looking for what she just dropped (video of this will be posted soon).

Baby Crocs!

Very cute shoes, but I don't know how many more times she'll get to wear them since she grows so quickly!

Carolyn's fascination with beer bottles

Whenever there is a beer bottle in sight, Carolyn is either intently staring at it or vigorously trying to grab it. There's nothing that fascinates her quite as much as a beer bottle. When we do let her hold one, it goes straight into her mouth, as does just about everything she gets her hands on these days.

It's so easy to forget how small she was

And it's amazing how much she has grown in just 5 months. The one constant is the amount of hair she has.

Nakie baby grabbing her feet

Two of her favorite things: Being half naked and grabbing her feet, which entered her mouth not long after this photo was taken.

Not quite tall enough for the walker... yet

Notice the tippy toes. But despite that, she still loves this thing. (Thanks Mike and Britt!)

A few smiling pictures to brighten your night

Kristen is working overnight at the hospital tonight, so I'm posting a few pictures of Carolyn smiling widely for mommy.

Video: Carolyn jumping in her jumper

Messy baby!

More monkey pictures