Backyard blankets and ceiling fans

Here in southeastern Pennsylvania, we have been experiencing unseasonably mild weather for the past few days. I can't remember any August in recent history where it has been even remotely bearable to be outside for any length of time. But for the past week or so, we've had temperatures in the 80s with relatively low humidity.

To what can we attribute this? El Nino? It's a little too early for The Nino's weatherly influence. Global warming? Please. No, I believe this weather can be directly attributed to Carolyn. Sure it sounds crazy, but I'm her dad and the world revolves around my daughter. You should know that.

At any rate, we've been taking Carolyn outside in the evenings and laying her on a blanket on the grass. SHE LOVES THIS. It is possibly her favorite activity, apart from intently watching the ceiling fan spin around while laying on our bed. (Side note: Around 4am the other morning Carolyn woke up, and as we were preparing to feed her, she caught sight of the fan and started smiling. We put her down on the bed so she could look at the fan and she proceeded to spend a good five minutes smiling and cooing at the fan. It was so adorable, I almost forgot that it was four o'clock in the morning.)

Anyway, take a gander at some of these pictures.

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