Spiritual cleansing, disease prevention, and home improvement

On Sunday, we took Carolyn to the very same church where Kristen and I were married -- St. Alphonsus in Hopewell, NJ -- to be baptized. Cousin Jake was baptized too. Carolyn, never one to fool around, decided to sleep through the entire ceremony, except for the part where water was poured over her head. For that part, she opened up her eyes, gave out a little whine, then went back to sleep. I can't really blame her, because the rest of the ceremony was essentially a lengthy, meandering, seemingly stream-of-consciousness sermon by the deacon. And he's no Kerouac.

Be on the lookout for video in the next few days (or weeks, depending on when I get to it). In the meantime, check out the pictures in the Carolyn's Baptism photo album. Carolyn can't type yet, but she wishes to thank her Aunt Lauren and Uncle Mike for being her godparents and giving her the wonderful gown you see in the photo above.

On Monday, it was time for Carolyn's two-month checkup at the doctor. Everybody knows what that means: Shots. And not the good kind that come in the tiny little glasses. All in all, Carolyn was a true sport about it. The rotavirus vaccine was actually a liquid that she drank down, and probably would have asked for more if she could. Then needle #1 goes in. A beat. A shrieking wail begins. Needle #2 goes in. Screaming continues. Needle #3 goes in the other leg. More cacophony. Then I picked her up and she quieted down, probably because she was tired to begin with. Meanwhile Kristen couldn't bring herself to watch any of this. But now all is well. At least until her four-month checkup when we do this all over again. You can see one of her band-aids (Taz!) in this picture:

Grandma and Grandpa Moyer and Aunt Sarah are in town this week. Grandpa and I have a bunch of projects around the house lined up. We've already painted the dining room and will be adding a chair rail and crown moulding to it. We're also doing crown moulding in the living room. If the weather turns out to be mild, we are going to put in a paver patio outside. If there's blistering heat, then we will attempt to replace the two bathroom sinks. We're also going to replace the light fixture in the kitchen. I say "we", but really I'm just along for the ride.

They have also assured us that they will take care of Carolyn one night so that Kristen and I can go out on a date together. We're planning to go see The Dark Knight, because seriously, what's more romantic than Batman?

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