Pregnant mom at 34 weeks

When we left the hospital 4 weeks ago, Kristen had said that it was her goal to make it to 34 weeks. Well, here we are, and everything's going swimmingly. Kristen may even attempt to go to a flea market at the church across the street this weekend.

It's hard to believe that in just about a month (or sooner) we will be meeting Carolyn.

Video: Kicking mommy's belly

The rules of bedrest have changed... slightly

Today the doctor told Kristen not to lay in bed all day, so she spent the day downstairs on the couch. She was able to get up to get her own food and everything (though she didn't really want to).

She's going to try to spend her days downstairs from now on.

Bedrest: Day 20

Nearly 33 weeks into the pregnancy, Kristen is still taking it easy in bed. She's been reading a lot of Janet Evanovich, doing a lot of Sudoku puzzles, and sewing and knitting various things for Carolyn, who is getting bigger in her mommy's belly every day.

Is this a baby head or a baby butt?

You decide.

A feeble attempt at growing a beard

Since I spent the week at home with Kristen, there seemed to be no need for shaving my face. Of course, I now realize that if this is all I can get after 10 days, it's best to just stay clean-shaven.