Visiting the hospital two months early

Kristen was having some painful contractions, so we went to the hospital, and ended up staying for the weekend. Carolyn isn't due for another two months, so we had to keep telling her it's not time yet.

They gave Kristen an IV of magnesium for 48 hours, along with two shots of steroids to strengthen baby Carolyn's lungs, just in case.

The contractions went down, and we were able to leave the hospital, but now Kristen will be on bed rest until Carolyn is ready to come out and meet us.

Video: 3D Ultrasound

We went to InnerView Ultrasound in Malvern today, and well, I think this video speaks for itself. Really, really awesome stuff. I will wholeheartedly recommend 3D ultrasounds to anyone (provided you are pregnant).

There are some still pictures in the Pregnancy photo album.